Title About Ipercast




Founded in 2001, the ipercast group is a leading European specialist in secure content management and delivery for the Web and mobile devices.

Based in Paris, ipercast has established itself as the partner of choice for a large number of media and telecom organisations all over the world.

Today, ipercast enjoys a robust market share in France and since 2006 has been developing a strong global presence with offices in Montreal, Hanover, London and representations in Italy, Spain, and South America.

The company pursues a carefully thought-out development strategy, with emphasis on both business fundamentals – with a mix of organic and external growth – and corporate environmental responsibility. Relying on its own CDN network, ipercast has carved out a position of technological leader and provides both streaming services - encompassing all aspects of multimedia stream delivery for both the Internet and mobile devices - and caching services, aimed at optimizing Web presence for businesses.