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The growth in 3G subscriptions in France and Europe has been largely driven by advances in access to live video content: Video on Demand, Live TV broadcast, videophony, video linking, etc...

Ipercast provides mobile operators with the technology required for real-time delivery of radio streams and Video on Demand files to mobile phones. In 2009, ipercast also acquired 3G-Factory, the leading provider of 3G videophony services in France, thus acquiring an expertise and positioning itself as a major player in the mobile video market.
Ipercast Mobile
Ipercast Mobile Manage
All ipercast Mobile applications come with a content management tool, with modules dedicated to customization, statistical analysis, invoicing, APIs, etc (...)
Ipercast Mobile Encode
The ipercast transcoding platform supports 100% of Web and mobile-specific formats and codecs. We support automated transcoding from any Web content to the most widely used mobile formats : Mpeg-4, 3GPP, Podcasting, iphone, wmv (...)
Ipercast Mobile Secure
Compatible with the OMA standards (Open Mobile Alliance), ipercast’s DRM solutions for mobile ensures the protection and the redistribution of royalties for a better monetization of our media customers content (...)
Ipercast Mobile Distribute
At the forefront of the Web-TV-Mobile convergence and Quadruple Play offers, ipercast is a leading Video Service Provider in Europe. Our solutions cover the whole range of mobile video services, mobile streaming live or on-demand, videophony, taking into account the specificities of each network (2.5G, 3G, 3G +, Wifi, etc..) (...)
Clients : Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Gostai, Anxa Digital Entertainment