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Join us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 16 to 17, 2011
IPERCAST and Nomad3D in cooperation with Powertip Tech. (Taiwan) present an innovative energy saving technology called 3D+F and developed by Nomad3D, for enabling 3D HD 720p/1080p Stereovision on the Smartphone and IPTV Set Top Box, with outstanding features:

HD image quality
Energy saver: the impact of the 3D+F IP on the battery life of a 3D Smartphone, is less than 10% compared to the battery life of a 2D Smartphone

Competitive Bandwidth requirement
For the Set Top Box, the power saving features of the Nomad3D technology translate into very low computation power requirements, enabling HD 720p for many existing Set Top Boxes and 1080p for

latest generation Set Top Boxes
IPERCAST and Nomad3 in cooperation with Powertip Tech. (Taiwan) will demonstrate the 3D+F features in the form of a Video Player over a Powertip Autostereoscopic 7 ' display.

We invite you to meet us at Pavillon Français, stand 2F49, from february 16 to 17, 2011, to discover all our offers and news.

we will be pleased to meet you.
ipercast to Provide Streaming Technology for Glastonbury 2010 Social Media Experiment
Social Media Strategist, ipercast and Orbit Research today announce the launch of the Social Media Experiment (www.socialmediaexperiment.co.uk), which will take place in the Igloo Dome at Glastonbury 2010.

The experiment will fuse live music, DJ sets, spoken word, comedy and art with various online and social media platforms on Glastonbury's 40th Birthday party. This merger will occur through the Igloo Dome's high definition visuals and Dolby 6.1 surround sound technology. It will incorporate a variety of different social media platforms, streaming technology and Bluetooth, making the experiment a truly immersive experience.

The Social Media Experiment will take place on Friday the 25th June between 1pm & Midnight, and will feature a number of comedians, musicians, performance artists and live shows incorporating social media and interactive web technologies. Such events include a stand-up comedy act using ‘Chatroulette Live’. Other highlights include a virtual art gallery and a range of musicians using social media within their performances.

Today will also see the launch of the Social Media Experiment's ‘Perform at Glastonbury 2010’ competition, which gives entrants the chance to perform live on the Glastonbury stage. In order to win, visitors to the site are asked to join the competition group on Facebook and post a link to prove that they are a in a band, an artist etc. The winning act will then be chosen from the group at random in this ‘flash mob’ style competition.

The experiment has been devised and coordinated by Social Media Strategist, while ipercast has built the website, the content management system and provided the web streaming technology. Orbit research will be providing satellite connectivity for the project.

James Norris, of Social Media Strategist, comments: “Glastonbury is all about performance, fun and expression. The Social Media Experiment allows attendees to have memorable, interactive experiences whilst being surrounded by the Igloo domes state of the art technology.”

Marina Sirotkin, UK country manager for ipercast, adds: “Being involved with such a groundbreaking project is a real thrill, and it's exciting to see all the aspects of the Experiment come together. It's this kind of technology which will really propel performance into the 21st Century and we can’t wait to see the results.”
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ipercast reduces its mobile streaming prices by 90%
ipercast, the content management and delivery specialist, today announces a 90% reduction on its mobile video streaming prices. The new price does not exceed €0.35 per gigabyte, compared to common European market prices, which vary between €2 to €3 per gi.

Anticipating an imminent market expansion of streaming video on mobile in Europe, ipercast has closely aligned its bandwidth tariffs for both web and mobile streaming. Unlike other online video platforms, ipercast has its own private content delivery network (CDN), allowing it to control bandwidth costs, and meet all the needs of all its customers quickly and effectively. Its delivery services are compatible with all types of mobile devices, including the iPhone and the new iPad.

ipercast now offers the most comprehensive range of services to deliver content to the mobile market. The offering covers all possible modes of distribution, from mobile streaming to videocalling, with content security and a content management system tool (CMS) to suit all mobile operating systems (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows).

Jean-Michel Laveissière, CEO of ipercast, comments:

"We believe this is the right time to encourage movement in Europe by introducing competitive pricing. As specialists in IP video services we are now the only company to offer content owners and mobile operators a consistent end-to-end offering, covering the entire chain of media distribution on the three converging screens; web, TV and now mobile. We believe that digital video on the mobile is the future of consumer viewing and our capabilities allow brands to access and deliver these services with ease and for excellent value."
ipercast launches Silverlight 4-ready video services
Content management and delivery specialist ipercast today announces that its video streaming services are now fully compatible with Microsoft's new Silverlight 4 framework. ipercast is in the process of migrating to the new platform for two of its major clients, in order to offer them improved end user experience and higher quality technical performance. The platform is also compatible with PlayReady technology.

ipercast already operates Europe's largest Windows Media DRM platform, capable of delivering 20,000 licenses per minute per service from its Frankfurt office. The move to adapt its platform to Silverlight 4 capability strengthens ipercast’s European leadership in copyright management, and ensures its platform can be adapted to a wide range of digital entertainment content on any Internet enabled device.

Jean-Michel Laveissière, CEO of ipercast, comments:
“Our customers range from media owners to corporate businesses and Telco providers and are always looking for the most innovative and interactive technologies with which to address their users. They come to us to find the right solution to their business needs, so it is vital that we are using the most up-to-date technology in the services we provide. We have a longstanding relationship with Microsoft, and are convinced that our new Silverlight 4-compatible platform will provide our customers with the smoothest possible streaming experience and the most innovative solutions with which to retain their customers.”

Brian Goldfarb, director of the developer platform group at Microsoft Corp comments:
“Microsoft is pleased ipercast has invested early in supporting Silverlight and the next-generation application development platform. With the continued support of Silverlight, ipercast's video delivery services help provide online viewers the best user experience with the highest quality.”
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Video on Mobile Devices: ipercast unveiled the most comprehensive range of services on the market at the 2010 Mobile World Congress
Today ipercast is the only company in Europe that covers the entire delivery chain for mobile video and radio devices. Its services allow for the encoding, protection, management, monetization and distribution of content. It covers all multimedia delivery solutions, from ‘smooth streaming' to ‘progressive download’ and 3G videocalling.
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Ipercast Announces Partnership With Absolute Radio
ipercast, the leading European specialist in secure content management and delivery for the Web and mobile devices has announced a strategic partnership with Absolute Radio. ipercast will take over and manage Absolute's Radio's Content Delivery Network (CDN) and the two companies will continue to work closely together on the development of a range of innovative new services. In the UK ipercast will position itself as a technology partner for WebRadio and other broadcast, media and telecoms companies.

Absolute Radio's IP network, the Golden Square Network (GSN) spans multiple countries with peering connectivity in London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York and Los Angeles. It has been at the heart of the company's pioneering work to introduce new digital services which now sees them deliver content over mobile, online and DAB. The GSN currently serves on average around 150TB of streaming content per month for Absolute Radio stations alone. The network will add to ipercast’s already extensive international infrastructure which consists of a 6,000+ mile private fibre optic backbone and several thousand servers located throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and Asia.
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ipercast acquires 3G Factory strengthening its position in the mobile content delivery market (3G mobile streaming, 3G video telephony, Web 2.0)
ipercast, a leading European specialist in multimedia content management and delivery for the Web and mobile devices, today announced the acquisition of the technology and production assets of 3G Factory, a company specialized in deploying and operating mobile multimedia services applied to 3G video telephony.

With the integration of 3G Factory, ipercast strengthens its capability in the mobile content delivery market.
With this new platform, ipercast carves a strong strategic position in the mobile video market, positioning itself as the best “facilitating agent” to accompany media operations, publishers, mobile marketing agencies and mobile Internet/messaging companies as they deploy their 3G video applications in Europe.

ipercast is now able to offer its clients a comprehensive range of multimedia content management and delivery solutions, encompassing the full multimedia spectrum: Web, Web 2.0, TV and mobile streaming.
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ipercast expands to the UK with the opening of new office
ipercast, leader in secure content management and delivery for the Web and mobile devices, today announces that it has enhanced its UK presence with the opening of a new office and the appointment of Marina Sirotkin as UK Country Manager. The move follows installation of a network Point of Presence (PoP) in England during 2007 which has been connected to Ipercast’s global fibre optic network to provide its customers with a more efficient delivery service for the past two years.

Marina Sirotkin, Country Manager, ipercast commented: “ipercast has developed a unique solution for management of the complete digital media eco-system including back end content distribution and front end content management - right the way through to content monitisation and security. Our technology enables customers to a save significant amount of money through Meta-Caching, as well as offering the ability to optimise and manage content delivery to web and mobile devices. Our latest investment in the UK means stronger relationships with our current UK-based customers including Orange and Universal Music whilst presenting significant opportunities to forge new partnerships with ISPs, telecommunications firms, content owners and the digital media industry.”

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ipercast launches their Meta-Caching service to optimize business’ internet presence
ipercast, a European specialist in management and dissemination of secure multimedia content on the Internet and via mobile devices, is now providing to all businesses the next generation of ‘Web Caching,’ known as Meta-Caching. Meta-Caching optimizes web site performance to improve the internet customer’s service experience and reduce costs, without time or investment.

The Meta-caching service is based on the new Meta-CDN architecture of ipercast, which integrates several internationally renowned partners who add local intelligence as well as the ability to continuously accelerate content dissemination throughout the world.
ipercast announces the launch of the first European Silverlight delivery platform, using the DRM Playready system by Microsoft
ipercast, a European specialist in management and broadcast of secure multimedia content on the Internet and via mobile devices, announces the creation of the first European platform of multimedia content delivery based on Silverlight technology and protected by Microsoft's new rights management system, Microsoft Playready.

After six months of joint development under the PlayReady Service Provider Program, an agreement with Microsoft allows ipercast to deploy the Playready server technology in ASP mode. This new platform confirms ipercast's leading position in multimedia rights management.
Already the largest European platform operator of Windows Media DRM, ipercast is capable of issuing 20,000 licenses per minute, per service from its operations center in Frankfurt, Germany. Today ipercast became the first 'Playready Enabler' operator in Europe. The main advantages of this new solution include economies of scale as it requires no re-encoding of video content and ensures compatibility with the older generation of DRM ; it opens the audience to other platforms, including Apple; and it is compatible with new broadcast architecture bringing the user an unparalleled experience.
Frost & Sullivan Honours ipercast International with World Content Delivery Networks Hot Investment Opportunity Award
The 2009 Frost & Sullivan World Content Delivery Networks Hot Investment Opportunity Award is presented to ipercast International, a France-based Content Delivery Networks (CDN) service provider. In a highly competitive CDN landscape, ipercast has differentiated itself by building a repertoire of exceptional multimedia broadcasting solutions on Internet Protocol (IP) platforms.

“ipercast's CDN services have been profitable since 2001, with the company projected to enjoy a growth rate of 50.0 per cent in 2009,” states Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Swarna Pasupathi. “It is the fastest-growing CDN service provider in the world and was the top ranked CDN service provider in France in 2007.”
ipercast at the Streaming Media Europe 2008
ipercast will exhibit at the Streaming Media EUROPE show in London on 16 and 17 October 2008 (2008-10-03)STAND N° 28. On the panel discussion "Evaluating and Choosing Content Delivery Methods, Jean-David Fogiel, COO of ipercast, will present ipercast's new service: ‘Intelligent Multi CDN’, that optimizes the process of distribution of content through a partnership with leading CDN and IP Providers worldwide.
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ipercast partners up with Bouygues Telecom to launch the commercial offer Blackberry 9000 Bold
Mid-September Bouygues Telecom will propose the BlackBerry 9000 Bold to its customers. Manufactured by RIM, the Bold 9000 is the most advanced BlackBerry to date with inter alia a widescreen display with a resolution of 480x320 pixels, compatibility 3G +, WiFi and Bluetooth and a GPS module, and should soon enter the market of smartphones. Under this partnership, ipercast provides ‘real-time streaming’ of radio BFM and a flash info of the news channel LCI in VoD.
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ipercast, uses New-York DCIA Trade show to announce the acquisition of the peer to peer editor 1-Click Media
ipercast, a company specialising in the technical and legal management of digital media on IP networks, today announced at the DCIA Trade show taking place in New-York its takeover of 1-Click, the French peer-to-peer solution provider for businesses, in particular media companies. ipercast and 1-Click already have a connection, because the two companies worked together in 2004 on the launch of the first legal P2P platform with M6.
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ipercast and Global Interface have launched a new VOD’s DRM platform
ipercast, major player in the flourishing sector of VOD technical platforms, has chosen the company Global Interface as a partner in the launching of a brand-new content security platform.

The Global Interface's solution CSM (Content Secure Media) allows all multimedia content editors and right-holders to quantify their files on a distant server through a web access on ASP and to have then an access to a DRM system very affordable, whose cost is calculated on the basis of keys downloaded by the users.
Cerrone, Samsung, MPO eMedia and ipercast revolutionize the uses of the numerical distribution
Samsung Mobile France, MPO eMedia, ipercast and the artist Marc Cerrone are proud to open a new track in the market of the distribution of numerical goods, and to revolutionize the uses of mobile telephony. At the time of the thirtieth birthday of Marc Cerrone's career, the last opus of the pioneer of the Disco music, “Celebrate”, will be indeed marketed in Mp3, without protection, on microSD 1 Go cards provided with the F-300 model of the Korean manufacturer, within four boxes Samsung - Bouygues Telecom available at the end of June 2007, during a four months period.
By initiating the project and by deploying its expertise as regards solutions of distribution of digital components via its joint subsidiary company MPO eMedia, ipercast made it possible Samsung to inaugurate a new axis of development combining technological performances and attractive contents. The result of this remarkable co-operation is a mobile experiment single and innovating, which initiates a new musical local distributor.
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Production (of the Net surfers), lies and videos (on the Web, obviously…)
In response to the surge of sharing videos websites, with the ceaseless non-observance of the royalties inherent in this kind of platform, Jean-David Fogiel, ipercast COO, did an opinion column mentioned again in the Journal du Net and NetEco, in which he denounces excesses of certain players of contributive videos, calls into question the viability of their medium-term model and outlines the future of the video market on the Internet.
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ipercast finalizes its first lifting of funds
ipercast, recognized market player of the management and the diffusion of Audio-Video contents on the Internet, announces the fence of a first turn of financing external for an amount of 2.5 million euros. Orchestrated by Aelios Finances, the lifting of funds is carried out by the companies of venture capital Siparex Ventures and OTC Asset Management.
This decisive investment will make it possible the company to accelerate its strategy of international expansion, in particular in Germany, in England, in Canada, in Spain, in Italy and Scandinavia, and to develop its pole media by the acquisition of Web sites specialized in the video and the enrichment of its catalogue of contents.
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