Title Services Center - Ipercast
Services Centre integrates all of the high value-added services provided by ipercast. These can be selected to build a bespoke offering and upgrade any service from our WEB, TV or MOBILE ranges.







Ipercast has been an expert in on-Demand and Live multimedia delivery since 2001. We can provide you with the most reliable solutions to host, store and archive your content.

Ipercast has been a specialist in multimedia distribution over IP since 2001 and boasts unique expertise in digital content hosting. From simple server set-ups to the most complex redundant infrastructures, we are able to cater for all your hosting requirements and guarantee 100% availability for your multimedia files.

Our storage facilities use carefully selected equipment to ensure the highest levels of protection against data loss. Disks are aggregated in dual parity RAID 4 configuration, with disk replacement guaranteed within 2 hours in the event of failure. This allows ipercast to provide a reliable VoD service, based on high performance storage.
Ipercast also offers an optional daily data backup service, which provides quick recovery in the event of any down time.

In consultation with your own technical services, we can define and implement a data backup and archiving strategy, with a wide choice of tools and operating modes available (on demand archiving, Live archiving, near-line storage for quick data restore). Processes are tailored to your requirements and data criticality levels.