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Ipercast TV Solutions
TV schedules delinearization, multichannel content convergence, TV consumption nomadism, personal TVů the television industry is currently undergoing a radical transformation.

IPTV is the most credible platform to cater for the requirements of these new forms of TV consumption.
It is more user-friendly and interactive, provides better picture quality, and access to a wider range of channels.

IPTV is also the only platform able to support new interactive services such as easy access to any TV channel in the world, Video on Demand, Catch-Up TV, widget-integration facilities, Pause TV services or PVRs.
IPTV has tremendous potential in terms of income generation and building audience loyalty.

With this evolution in mind, ipercast has developed an end-to-end range of IPTV-specific services, with a strong focus on user simplicity and profitability.
Ipercast TV Manage
Our CMS has been designed to facilitate video distribution for all media: Web, mobile and ADSL-based TV. A unique solution that will enable you to distribute your content to the widest possible audience ! (...)
Ipercast TV Encoder
Die vollautomatische Transcoding-Plattform ist darauf ausgelegt mit digitalen TV-Formaten MPEG-2 und MPEG-4. (...)
Ipercast TV Secure
Ipercast is closely in touch with the key providers of content-protection technologies. This allows us to continuously improve our infrastructures dedicated to IPTV and ADSL-based TV (via Set-Top Box) and implement the most innovative security solutions (...)
Ipercast TV Distribute
The IPTV platform from ipercast enables the distribution of innovative video services such as Set-Top Boxes, Live streaming multicast, interactive VoD or Catch-up TV. Those services can also be coupled with Network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR) or Pause TV services (...)
Clients : AB Group