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Title Ipercast Web Distribute Caching
Ipercast, a leading specialist of Web delivery and acceleration solutions, has drawn on its deep CDN expertise to find the most innovative response to the explosive growth in Internet traffic.

This network innovation has led ipercast to launch a unique service with one goal in mind: how to best help businesses optimize the performance of their websites
The vast majority of its competitors have chosen to develop their network through major infrastructure investments to spread their points of presence (POP) across the world. ipercast however has been pursuing a radically different strategy aimed at optimizing Web content delivery whilst reducing bandwidth resource needs and costs for its clients: the Meta-CDN architecture.

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Meta-Caching is an optimized caching service based on the new Meta-CDN architecture developed by ipercast. Caching encompasses all network solutions dedicated to improving website availability by bringing content as close to end users as possible. The distribution of your website is thus accelerated throughout the ipercast network, which integrates a wide range of partners.

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Clients : TF1, Universal Music, France TÚlÚvisions, Darty, CDiscount